Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gone Missing!

Mt. Shasta Photo taken by Me!

Hello everyone! It's August---almost September--- just like the rest of you, we too have been swept off of our feet by the busy-ness of the August rush!

In the beginning of the month the family where everyone seems to have perfectly straight and white teeth, also know as my sister and her 3 kids came to visit us here in Jacksonville!
For not seeing each other in over a year, we had a fantastic time!
For 7-days we hiked, swam, cooked, laughed & partied like a one huge family!
It was wild!

Of course everyone LOVED Bubby & as you can tell Bubby loved everyone!

The day after they left our Mac went down, and it took about to weeks to fix.
So we had zero time to promote our KickStarter.
And now we are moving!
We decided to move into a more cozy space, which will allow us to save a little more cash for the House of Imagination!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The winner and the wait

The wait is finally over. After going to 3 computer shops and $65 we find out there is a re call on a piece to the mother board. All though its running slower then ever we are able to continue on our quest.

The first thing we would like to do is announce the long over due winner of our make up contest. She is a wonderful woman who also has a non profit that supports the arts and benefits her community.As well as being an outstanding etsian and avid tweeter.
Thank you Ladie Jaye for entering in our giveaway,tweeting our items,and helping the homeless people of the world.We will be shipping off her make up shortly,in the meantime please check out Ladie Jaye on some of the social sites she's on.

The winner was chosen on

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bank Statement update: Funds raised so far for the House of Imagination

+ $33.78 in the HOI paypal account leaves us at a total of $465.40!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

5,6,7,8 Who do we appreciate

This thank you is long over due

But it is the perfect time to show our appreciation to a great artist,
a wonderful person, dog lover and dedicated wife.
The all amazing STEPHANIE GASCON ,known on the world wide web as kismet1990. She has been there since we started our project and im sure will be there the day we open our doors.From countless blog postings and tweeting to donating and promoting she has been working as hard as we are.She was even our first backer on our Kickstarter campaign.
Enough talking,its time for you to meet this individual and see some of her wonderful creations.

Here is a few places you can view her work's
and keep updated with her on going amazingness

Saturday, July 31, 2010

A wonderful gift for you~Brought to you by meliannaa

This month were doing are giveaway a little different.First off we wanted to introduce you to a wonderful etsian by taking a walk through her shop as well as giving you our personal opinion on an item she kindly sent to us.

So without further adieu

Welcome to the wonderful world of Meli Anna Anastasiadis

A native of the little french province of Canada called Quebec.From a young age she has always been creative and to this day still loves to re-shape,revamp, or think of her own ways to create just about anything. Its great to see a person these days that is inspired by love and not money.
Because it is her daughter,her husband,God,the city,nature,angels,and more that keep her creative wheels turning.Here is a quote from Meli her self." When I just feel peace and love inside, most of the time i go and make a is like meditation to me".

Meli is loving her life,and is content living in the now to see the beauty of her future.She want's people to know that life is a love story.First about our self and after that with others and after that with things...and it never stops.

We asked her what advise she would give to other creative individuals?
She said "the only advice I would share is trust yourself because it is only from inside that something unique come's out. If you feel stuck, go and learn a technique...then forget it a little and mix it back in your own way with what you feel inside".

As we browsed through her shop we loved the fact that she made so many inventive creations out of a similar medium.From circles to flowers ,
from earrings to necklaces all very fun and easy to wear.

My wife knows from
She even ended up wearing them all day during a photo and video shoot then ended up falling asleep with them in.That's how light they are.
Perfect for a night on the dance floor or for a mother to do her everyday chores.

These lovely shiny pink earrings will also be featured on my wife in our promotional video,
that will be released on our website later this month.

Now for the 10 ways you can win this wonderful item from meliannaa


Here's how to enter:
Make sure you post a comment for each entry you would like to make
1)Heart melianaa's etsy shop (1 entry)
2) Become her fan on facebook(1 entry)
3)Follow meliannaa on twitter (1 entry)
4)tweet about this giveaway and post the link in the comment(1 entry)
5)Email her your email to recieve a notification about her promotions twice a year.
(meliannaa [at] entry's)
6)blog about this give away(2 entry's)
6)Make a purchase from her etsy shop (3 entry's)

Bonus ways to enter:
7)Make a donation to the HOUSE OF IMAGINATION(1 entry)
8)Follow this blog,our twitter and fan us on facebook.(1 entry)
9)Donate a hand made item to THE HOUSE OF IMAGINATION PROJECT
(post the tracking number in a comment when you sen it out)(2 entry's)
10)Convo me on etsy about doing a give away on my blog(2 entrys's)

Winner will be chosen between August 10th and 14th