Monday, June 28, 2010

Melody Lea Lamb

In our hectic and frantic schedule of dueling with baby bath's and painting projects, were lucky to have quite a few talented supporters. Since we pride our self on helping others , we are dedicated to mention every last contributor.How ever i thought it would be nice to talk about each one separately so that everyone can shine on there own.Were do i start....

Melody lea lamb
A wonderful artist that prides her self in her miniature masterpieces and amazing aceos.She was even nice enough to send us a thank you card with her donation.

How nice is that.

This is the only person i know personally with there own iphone app, not to mention over 4,800 downloads and reached #20 most popular app out of 4334 in its first week.

The Pocket Gallery

A revolving pocket gallery of miniature paintings that will change weekly

Click on the kitten or find it on Apple

Here is the very cute aceo that she sent in a custom envelope and is now
available in our One of A kind Shop.



Etsy shop
Zazzle store
Artfire shop
connect with melody:

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ok. We Cheated.

So we've been busy.

Brief House of Imagination update this week:

We have been getting alot of great responses.
We have been replying to the great responses.
Creating an email list to send to subscribers.
Designing HTML emails using photoshop. See here.
Designing an auction template for ANSMV(L) eBay .
Delivering stuff at the post office.
Establishing our our etsy team: Team Imagination.
Receiving your artwork. (Much appreciated.)
Making ACEO's.

With the transfer from PayPal the total today is $144.75.

And that's pretty good for very little (Or no.) promotion.
As for this was the starting month after all!

As for us-----the teething process has begun.
Along with baby vaccinations this week.
Food wanting phase.
Grocery shopping.
8 hours of sleep--per week.

Shuffling from building to building and Mac to Phone
---one can become a little sun shy.

So we had to get OUT yesterday!
It was for only an hour or two .

Rough start- her tooth was really bothering her!
She loves the out doors. So we thought the river trip might help.

Nake-in-Bake is feeling a little better! Looking rather peaceful!


Toe dipping. She didn't like the water. It was a bit chilly.
Her toes did the cutest little "cringe dance"!
(Was painting before we left----See the paint spot still on my arm!)

Daddy dipped again. Uh-Oh. It's time to go. Lol.

We think she enjoyed the car ride home more than the actual trip

Monday, June 21, 2010

BAM! WOW! ZAP! ZOOOOOM!!! Our New SuperHero!

Out of the shadows -
Maybe a phone booth-
one artist stepped forward;
and when he did, we realized
Clark Kent had nothing on this guy......

One nameless wonder transformed part of his fantastic etsy shop just for lil' ol' us!
By donating the 100% of the proceeds of his White Ninja Guy comic to building the House of Imagination!

Check the White Ninja Guy comic book here.

See more of this guy and his art:

Awesome, huh?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Act of Juggling Time.

We don't sleep in this house. We nap.
Finally Anastasia's getting her 8 hour winks.
After 4 1/2 months of happily waking up 8 times,
then 6 times,
then 4 times,
then three times,
now only once a night only must I utter the two sleep depriving words.

"Babe. Bottle."

Breastfeeding or not, our girl can always empty the bottle. :)

AVN★ML & Daddy

One House of Imagination supporter emailed me yesterday:

"Now again, this is a project that is MASSIVE!
I honestly think that you
may end up burning yourselves out if you try to do this all at once, and I hope that you guys recognize this, but you will keep going with this dream, but be smart and do it a piece at a time. But for some reason, I do believe you guys will do it."

It's odd.
Because I know we'll do it.
I have this unexplainable confidence and fearlessness.
As if I've already done it before.
Déjà vu

The mental being is gluttonous!
We want to learn everything---do everything--reach, strive, know, achieve!
But it becomes physically tiresome, all of the learning and reaching and stuff.

It's equivalent to riding a unicycle and balancing a stack of your best china while scaling the Grand Canyon.

Ok. I'm over-exaggerating.

Our romance may be fleeting.
Our house may be disheveled.
And we may not be seeing our honeymoon cruise for--------never.

But our life is poetry in constant motion. It's exciting.
Capivating. And as fulfilling as we want it to be.

And we make time for the REALLY important things---like snuggles,
walks and midnight refrigerator raids.

And that apparently is all the time we need.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Awesome Contributing Artist: Jupiter Moon


Gabi and I had the pleasure of meeting this colorful artist yesterday afternoon.

After contacting us though an ad we ran off of a local craigslist

Even under unique circumstances Jupiter Moon was quite pleasurable.

This down-to-earth artist has been painting for about 30 years.

“Wow that’s longer than I’ve been around. I just turned 21.” I blurt out, wide-eyed.

I forget, my only goes back so far.

“Yeah, I’m more than twice your age” Jupiter coolly says.

So yeah you know he's good.

And has alot of material.


One of my favorite pieces done by Jupiter Moon. Mixed media done on a sheet of metal

From the windows of Jupiter Moons kitchen to the walls of his washroom is cover in paintings.

I really thought Gabi was over exaggerating when he exclaimed that there was literally no wall space.

Of course, being the natural born skeptic that I am, think
"When does a traditional artist ever have wall space ?"

Until he sent me a video from his iPhone.

Check out this video of our friend Jupiters place:

More artwork by Jupiter Moon .







Find out more about this musician and artist at:

Sunday, June 13, 2010

5 ACEOs down and ------499,995 to go!

Two have been bought so far in our shop.
They took about 2hrs
The first one on top is older.
Going to need the help of a lot more artist. Lol.

We are in business!

Our spiffy new logo!

This business card was made in a rush yesterday,
when we were trying to hand a few out to the artist
at the Ashland Midsummers Dream Fest.

Where we meet a vibrant, and wonderful musician named Cornflower.
Who's music that was so powerful, we drifted 3 blocks from our car and right to his stage.
In my opinion, it was a beautiful mix soulful folkjazzybluesness.
It's something my ears are foreign to.
I love it.

Our business check and acknowledgment letter form the Secretary of state.
I had to send in the articles FOUR TIMES!

And my favorite! TA-DA! The bank card! With the House of Imagination name!
It's all so real now. As of right now we have collected $46.37 and its only been a week!
Now, how great is that?


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Building a house $1 at a time.

After a month of writing, building, planning, filing, revising, baby juggling and late nights the WillCreate4aDollar project has finally launched today!!! And yes---- we are exhausted, but none the less VERY excited! This blog dedicated to our supports-aka our celebs- here we will keep track of our progress with the House of Imagination, shout-outs, exhilarating news, tons of creativity, financial updates and more!

Check us out: