Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ok. We Cheated.

So we've been busy.

Brief House of Imagination update this week:

We have been getting alot of great responses.
We have been replying to the great responses.
Creating an email list to send to subscribers.
Designing HTML emails using photoshop. See here.
Designing an auction template for ANSMV(L) eBay .
Delivering stuff at the post office.
Establishing our our etsy team: Team Imagination.
Receiving your artwork. (Much appreciated.)
Making ACEO's.

With the transfer from PayPal the total today is $144.75.

And that's pretty good for very little (Or no.) promotion.
As for this was the starting month after all!

As for us-----the teething process has begun.
Along with baby vaccinations this week.
Food wanting phase.
Grocery shopping.
8 hours of sleep--per week.

Shuffling from building to building and Mac to Phone
---one can become a little sun shy.

So we had to get OUT yesterday!
It was for only an hour or two .

Rough start- her tooth was really bothering her!
She loves the out doors. So we thought the river trip might help.

Nake-in-Bake is feeling a little better! Looking rather peaceful!


Toe dipping. She didn't like the water. It was a bit chilly.
Her toes did the cutest little "cringe dance"!
(Was painting before we left----See the paint spot still on my arm!)

Daddy dipped again. Uh-Oh. It's time to go. Lol.

We think she enjoyed the car ride home more than the actual trip


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