Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gone Missing!

Mt. Shasta Photo taken by Me!

Hello everyone! It's August---almost September--- just like the rest of you, we too have been swept off of our feet by the busy-ness of the August rush!

In the beginning of the month the family where everyone seems to have perfectly straight and white teeth, also know as my sister and her 3 kids came to visit us here in Jacksonville!
For not seeing each other in over a year, we had a fantastic time!
For 7-days we hiked, swam, cooked, laughed & partied like a one huge family!
It was wild!

Of course everyone LOVED Bubby & as you can tell Bubby loved everyone!

The day after they left our Mac went down, and it took about to weeks to fix.
So we had zero time to promote our KickStarter.
And now we are moving!
We decided to move into a more cozy space, which will allow us to save a little more cash for the House of Imagination!