Sunday, June 13, 2010

We are in business!

Our spiffy new logo!

This business card was made in a rush yesterday,
when we were trying to hand a few out to the artist
at the Ashland Midsummers Dream Fest.

Where we meet a vibrant, and wonderful musician named Cornflower.
Who's music that was so powerful, we drifted 3 blocks from our car and right to his stage.
In my opinion, it was a beautiful mix soulful folkjazzybluesness.
It's something my ears are foreign to.
I love it.

Our business check and acknowledgment letter form the Secretary of state.
I had to send in the articles FOUR TIMES!

And my favorite! TA-DA! The bank card! With the House of Imagination name!
It's all so real now. As of right now we have collected $46.37 and its only been a week!
Now, how great is that?


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