Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Act of Juggling Time.

We don't sleep in this house. We nap.
Finally Anastasia's getting her 8 hour winks.
After 4 1/2 months of happily waking up 8 times,
then 6 times,
then 4 times,
then three times,
now only once a night only must I utter the two sleep depriving words.

"Babe. Bottle."

Breastfeeding or not, our girl can always empty the bottle. :)

AVN★ML & Daddy

One House of Imagination supporter emailed me yesterday:

"Now again, this is a project that is MASSIVE!
I honestly think that you
may end up burning yourselves out if you try to do this all at once, and I hope that you guys recognize this, but you will keep going with this dream, but be smart and do it a piece at a time. But for some reason, I do believe you guys will do it."

It's odd.
Because I know we'll do it.
I have this unexplainable confidence and fearlessness.
As if I've already done it before.
Déjà vu

The mental being is gluttonous!
We want to learn everything---do everything--reach, strive, know, achieve!
But it becomes physically tiresome, all of the learning and reaching and stuff.

It's equivalent to riding a unicycle and balancing a stack of your best china while scaling the Grand Canyon.

Ok. I'm over-exaggerating.

Our romance may be fleeting.
Our house may be disheveled.
And we may not be seeing our honeymoon cruise for--------never.

But our life is poetry in constant motion. It's exciting.
Capivating. And as fulfilling as we want it to be.

And we make time for the REALLY important things---like snuggles,
walks and midnight refrigerator raids.

And that apparently is all the time we need.


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