Thursday, June 17, 2010

Awesome Contributing Artist: Jupiter Moon


Gabi and I had the pleasure of meeting this colorful artist yesterday afternoon.

After contacting us though an ad we ran off of a local craigslist

Even under unique circumstances Jupiter Moon was quite pleasurable.

This down-to-earth artist has been painting for about 30 years.

“Wow that’s longer than I’ve been around. I just turned 21.” I blurt out, wide-eyed.

I forget, my only goes back so far.

“Yeah, I’m more than twice your age” Jupiter coolly says.

So yeah you know he's good.

And has alot of material.


One of my favorite pieces done by Jupiter Moon. Mixed media done on a sheet of metal

From the windows of Jupiter Moons kitchen to the walls of his washroom is cover in paintings.

I really thought Gabi was over exaggerating when he exclaimed that there was literally no wall space.

Of course, being the natural born skeptic that I am, think
"When does a traditional artist ever have wall space ?"

Until he sent me a video from his iPhone.

Check out this video of our friend Jupiters place:

More artwork by Jupiter Moon .







Find out more about this musician and artist at:

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