Thursday, July 15, 2010

Experiment gone horribly………. right ?

I hate to toot my own horn but I love this piece.
This has to be the most whimsy I've ever captured in a painting.
"Peeking" Is a fusion of abstract and dreamlike surrealism.

I've been using my big sister as my "guinea pig".
What made her such a great candidate to test my art on was that she just bought a new place and was looking to furnish and not really into art. Crafts. D.I.Y. Or doing anything herself. Lol.

I thought it was a great way to introduce different types art besides non-representational works to match the sofa into the home. Without overwhelming ---lets say the new home owner.

It was to serve as an example incentive for Kickstarter.
In reality its one entire piece.
Besides being split into sections, nothing else was digitally enhanced.


Photos of the process

So what do you think?


  1. It's amazing! I loved the digitally split version...but the actual piece keeps me coming back to look for more. I see a new perspective each time! And with the story behind it I can see the love that went into making this for your sister. Just awesome!

  2. i love it!!! beautifully done!

  3. You've created something dramatic! I love the palette of colors...very pleasing to the palate!!

  4. I absolutely love it! The colors are so beautiful, and I really like the combination of abstract and whimsy :)

  5. gorgeous! i love that you've posted some of the stages in the last few photos :) it's very unusual and so bright!

  6. Yes, the colors are wonderful! I think it turned ot great, you should be very proud of yourself!!!

  7. Gorgeous! The colours are so beautiful! Congratulations on such a lovely piece!

  8. what a lovely piece. i'm glad i "met" you. :)

  9. Stunning! You truly captured a surreal dream like quality... love it!

  10. Awesome piece! The vibrant colors must look even more amazing on a wall. What a lucky big sister you have.


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