Monday, July 5, 2010

Fireworks + Husband = Fear: The Lamonts first family 4th of July

Forth of July last year Gabi & I literally -just drove to Oregon from Arizona.
During the trip in our '98,gas guzzling, questionable condition, Lincoln Navigator,
money was tight. We had a violent tire blowout, a day behind schedule, and I was just beginning to feel the early side-effects of pregnancy.
Before a large financial problem hit us, due to the economic crisis we traveled often and much more comfortably. However, we'd RUSH!
Back then, we'd drive 24 hours straight on Thanksgiving Day to make it in time for dinner with family. 12 am. Can't sleep. Let's drive 1000 miles, as if it was around the block.
It's something we call our "Go Mode".
We were like a 2 - man swat team...GO! GO! GO!GOOOOOOO!
No rest. No stops. No fun.

The first week of July 2009 had to be our best trip ever.
We had no radio. So we spoke the entire time.
We stopped at the ostrich farm even though it was closed.
Visited family in Phoenix & L.A. Dined at a few restaurants. Took pictures of the sunset.
Got Lost. Stopped for peaches. And it was the best trip ever.

I was taught to think of money as a lifeline and if the that line was cut, I'd sink. Although, for years I'd tried to reassure myself, that is not the case.
It never worked.
Until that trip.

Simply enough, we were beckoned to the comforting waters of the beautiful Applegate river, yet again. Sat under a nice shady tree. Ate snacks. Laughed. Talked. Played.
Watch a couple float down from the sky.

At the end of the day, Anastasia, Coco and I were delighted with Gabi's firework spectacular.

DISCLAIMER: No pictures or video we taken due to my weariness and if something went askew, I wanted to evacuate the premises asap.

We bought them last year, and had them sitting around ever since.
So they were a little dudded.
And a little small so, Gabi was a disappointed about the show he put on for us .
No matter, It was still a wonderful show because it isn't about the size of a man's firecracker but the fact that he is brave enough to light it.


  1. Sounds like a nice relaxing 4th! :-) And those kind of personal fireworks are the best kind.

  2. Now that's the way to travel. We used to be like that too, now we take the time for side trips and unscheduled stops. You never know what you'll find around the next bend.


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