Tuesday, July 6, 2010

WARNING!: Random Painting May Fall From The Sky

Here are some of my painting I've done over the past few days.
Mostly done in oils and done with speed.
I'm learning to master the art of patience.
I haven't adopted a style & probably never will.
Making things are just too much fun.
Why limit creativity?

Here are some unedited pictures of experimental works (Some in the making) with titles:

Carrie Cumulus (CCu)

Emily French

Kiwi-A-Gogo Kiss

My Last Memory of You

The old photo where you looked so pretty

The Art of a Split Personality
(Hey Stephanie, doesn't this look familiar?)

Because your so sweet

Finding Sunshine

Sorry for the short post.
The bed beckons.


  1. wow these are lovely! thanks for sharing!

  2. Definitely love the Art of the Split Personality! ;-) They are all amazing!! ~stephanie~

  3. I really love these paintings, espeically the one called "The old photo where you looked so pretty". I think it's great fun to play around with different styles--and since you're so good at it, never limit yourself to just one! :)

  4. Wonderful paintings. Thanks for joining Admirer Monday. I am now your newest follower.


  5. You are so talented! I'm visiting from Admirer Monday. I signed up to be a new follower.

  6. Thanks for joining Admirer Monday! I follow you! Hope to blog with you again soon!

  7. I really like "My Last Memory of you". Lovely tones & textures. Thanks for sharing :)


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